–  Egyptian diplomats visit Ethiopia

A study report that involved experts from Ethiopia, Egypt and the Sudan and independent individuals from other countries, is expected to come out in May, however, Ethiopia is saying that it will stand firm in resuming the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

Tedros Adhanom (Ph.D.), foreign affairs minister of Ethiopia told journalists last Wednesday that the panel of ten experts’ study on the impacts of the dam over the Nile was well undergoing and this year in May, the final results are expected to go public. According to Tedros, even though his government is ready to make some adjustments, if found depending on the findings of the report, the construction will not be seized by any means.

Tedros recalls that a study by Ethiopian experts has proved that there will be no harm on the Nile because of the construction of the dam, which according to reports was denied by the other parties for safety concerns, and due to that, the panel of experts commenced the study in May of last year. The mega dam is expected to produce 6000 megawatts of hydropower and some portion of the electric power generated is planned to be exported to neighboring countries.

In related news, 32 Egyptian trainee diplomats for the first time ever visited Ethiopia and met with their Ethiopian counterparts who are currently attending diplomacy courses at the Ethiopian Civil Service University. The Ethiopian trainees were also invited to visit Cairo, Tedros said. The invitation, according to him, is vital to enhancing young diplomats to nurture and grip experiences on the field. Tedros has also received an invitation from his Egyptian counterpart. Moreover, the public diplomacy mission to Egypt is also expected to resume this year, it was originally scheduled to take place a few months back but was suspended due to the recent unrests in the capital Cairo.


– Via : Thereporterethiopia.com

– Written by : BERHANU FEKADE

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