Cluster of galaxies
Cluster of Galaxies

The first light observed by EO Telescopes

Entoto Observatory has announced that it has observed its first light through the two scientific Telescopes that were completely installed these past weeks. EO further stated that it’s a huge step forward in realizing the vision set by the Entoto Observatory and now it only awaits the commissioning procedure which is expected to be finalized in the coming few months.

This latest development comes in a wake of the observatory’s effort in launching postgraduate (MSc & PhD) training programs in astronomy/astrophysics, space science, communication satellite, geodesy and remote sensing through affiliation with Addis Ababa University in the coming September 2014.

The curriculum validation workshop that was held from 19 – 20, March 2014, Scientists from national universities, United States of America, Europe and Africa attended and independently evaluated and approved the quality and standard of the curricula on the basis of international criterion. Also, most Ethiopian universities and relevant stakeholders also participated in the workshop.



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