Ethiopia received an international award for making tourism resources a major source of income.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, on a panel discussion kicked off earlier today, declared that Ethiopia will carry on with its efforts to make use of its tourism resource.

Secretary General of World Tourism Organization Dr. Taleb Rifai for his part said Ethiopia’s exertion in the tourism sector is exemplary one.

According to the premier, the government has given due attention to tourism sector to make it a major source of income, and tremendous improvements have been registered after the establishment of Tourism Transformation Council which allowed the country expand and strengthen tourism destinations.

Dr. Talib Rifai has able to witness Gonder, Lallibela, Aksum, Najid Mosque and more sites during his five-day visit in Ethiopia.

He said Ethiopia has able to won an international award for its strenuous activities – using tourism as source of income. (FBC


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